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Border Town Prodigal (2016)

Other name: 新边城浪子 / Bian Cheng Lang Zi / Edge City Wanderer / Vagabondize
Genre: Historical, melodrama, Romance, Wuxia
Country: Chinese
Release year: 2016
Status: Completed
The leader of the Divine Knife sect, Bai Tian Yu, was mysteriously ambushed and killed in the border town Plum Nunnery. Twenty years later, Fu Hong Xue, leaves the western regions and returned to the central plains (China) in order to investigate his adopted father’s death. At the same time, Bai Tian Yu and Hua Bai Feng’s biological son, Ye Kai, also left for the border town. The two find that it was Bai Tian Yu’s sworn brother, Ma Kong Qun, who organized the assassination. As luck would have it, Ma Kong Qun’s beautiful daughter, Ma Fang Ling falls for Fu Hong Xue, while Ye Kai falls for her…together, they will face Ma Kong Qun.
  • Ep 48 RAW

    Red Rose (2017)

    Red Rose
    Historical, Romance
    During the anti-revolutionary coup in 1927, Xia Heng Xuan dies while saving the Communist Party member Ren Zhi Yuan (Kevin Tan), and leaves behind his younger sister Xia Yu Zhu (Yang Zi Shan) and her maid Shuang Ju (Nikita Mao). While the delicate Yu Zhu tries to earn a living alone, Shuang Ju enters the Kuomintang’s special agent organization on the recommendation of Zhi Yuan’s lover Xiao Cheng Bi (Liu Min). A few years later, Yu Zhu saves Zhi Yuan by chance. After Zhi Yuan sacrifices his life, Yu Zhu is touched and decides to work for the Communist Party’s underground organization. There she gets to know Cheng Bi’s younger brother Xiao Jun Hao (Chen Xiao), who received the same mission. While they work together, feelings develop
  • Ep 11 RAW

    Twin Detectives (1999) (1999)

    Twin Detectives (1999)
    Detective, Mystery
    Based on a detective series by Hayamine Kaoru. Yumemizu Kiyoshiro, who call himself a "super detective" and twin sisters Ai and Mai cooperate to tackle with problems. Each mystery they brilliantly solve in the end reflects issues that ordinary junior high school students are likely to face. The twin sisters learn many things by solving problems together with Yumemizu.
  • Ep 24 SUB

    Love Through A Millennium (2015)

    Love Through A Millennium
    Historical, Romance, Time Travel
    Based of the popular Korean drama Queen In Hyun's Man, this Chinese version tells the same story of a love that happens between two people from different eras. Imperial scholar official, Gong Ming 公明 (Jing Bo Ran) accidently time-travels two thousand years into the present where he meets actress Lin Xiang Xiang 林湘湘 (Zheng Shuang). Their story is one of love, fate, and commitment.
  • Ep 1 RAW

    Pinocchio in Love Christmas Edition (2014)

    Pinocchio in Love Christmas Edition
    Fantasy, Romance, Family
    The drama will be about young adults’ first step into society, and the harried process by which they become journalists. When confronted with the truth they’ll cry, get wounded, and be discouraged, but as they grow up they’ll come to realize that protecting the truth is their job. --Dramabeans
  • Ep 16 RAW

    Khon Nuea Khon (2020) (2020)

    Khon Nuea Khon (2020)
    Action, Comedy, Romance
  • Ep 12 SUB

    Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata (2008)

    Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata
    In this school comedy, a girls' high school suddenly goes co-ed, but the incoming boys are far below their expectations. As a result, some of the girls start a project to reform the boys into "princes."
  • Ep 45 SUB

    Orphan Of Zhao (2013)

    Orphan Of Zhao
    Ancient legend
    18 years later, Tu'an's favorite son, Tu'an Wujiang grew up. The young man, who was adept in both pen and sword, was a rising political star. But rumor said that he was not Tu'an gu's biological son. Cheng Daye, was involved in this mystery too. As the puzzle was cleared step by step, the truth that Tu'an had killed the Zhaos came into fight, it turned out Chang Daye was Zhao Wu, the orphan of Zhao. Cheng Ying who had kept the secret for life despite of others’ misunderstanding finally won victory and let the justice be served. During the Spring and Autumn period, Tu An Gu, the highest ranking military officer of the kingdom of Jin, orchestrated a coup d'état and framed general Zhao Shuo for its instigation, resulting in the extermination of the entire Zhao clan. There was one survivor, however - the infant son of Zhao Shuo and Zhuang Ji, whose life was saved by the physician Cheng Ying at tremendous personal risk. Cheng Ying then cleverly planned for the child to stay at the home of Tu An Gu. Eighteen years later, Tu An Gu's pride and joy is his son Tu Yue, a rising star skilled with both pen and sword. However, rumors spread that Tu Yue is not Tu An Gu's biological son, and even Cheng Ying's son Cheng Da Ye, Tu An Gu's godson and Tu Yue's study buddy, becomes embroiled in the mystery of the identity of the Zhao family orphan. In the end, Tu An Gu's role in the the bloody case of the Zhao family's extermination becomes abundantly clear, and Cheng Ying, a seemingly insignificant and spurned figure for most of his life, finally garners victory and restores justice.
  • Ep 8 RAW

    Hamon (2015)

    Kitamura Kazuki and Hamada Gaku will be co-leads in the upcoming BS Sky Perfect! drama series "Hamon" which will be shown from 9 January at 9pm on Fridays. The drama which is based on the 51st Naoki Award winning novel by Kurokawa Hiroyuki, features Kitamura as a smart and well-built gangster who works together with a consultant at a construction company (Hamada) to expose the evil deeds of bad people in Osaka. As the story will not be a replica of the novel, Kurokawa expressed great anticipation in that the drama will be very interesting since it is produced by Sky Perfect and will have a larger degree of freedom.