Asian TV » drama » Ngin Pak Pee (2018)

Ngin Pak Pee (2018) (2018)

Other name: Ghost Money , Ngern Pak Phee , Ngern Park Pee, เงินปากผี
Genre: Drama, Horror, Romance
Country: Thailand
Release year: 2018
Status: Completed
It's a belief that money (coins) which were put into a dead man's mouth will be used by them in their next life. When the dead has been disturbed and the money stolen, the dead will somehow get it back. Who ever took the money will have to face the consequences.
  • Ep 13 SUB

    Sesame Player (2014)

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    Zatoichi season 3 (1978)

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  • Ep 25 SUB

    The Bund (1980)

    The Bund
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    Set in the 1920s Republican era in China, the story tells how triad members Hui Man Keung and Ting Lik struggle to survive in Shanghai (then an international settlement), and their rise to prominence in the triad world later.
  • Ep 89 RAW

    Nalaiq (2020)

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    Starring Imran Aslam, Asad Arsalan Butt, Eshal Syed, Alia Khan, and Amna Raja as lead roles, Nalaiq revolves around the stigma that money out rules everything.
  • Ep 35 SUB

    Lotus Lantern (2005)

    Lotus Lantern
    San Sheng Mu was a kind and beautiful deity who saved the life of Liu Yan Chang, a mortal scholar. The two fell in love and had a son, Chen Xiang. San Sheng Mu's older brother, Er Lang Shen, found out about their romance and led the Heavenly Brigade in pursuit of the family. During this time of peril, San Sheng Mu gave the Lotus Lantern to Yan Chang to protect him and their son. Soon she was captured and pinned beneath Mount Hua. Thereafter, Yan Chang and Chen Xiang hid in a small village making a meager living. Sixteen years later, Chen Xiang has grown up. One day he discovers that he possesses some mysterious powers, such as the ability to pass through walls. However, these powers begin to attract the attention of Er Lang Shen and Xiao Tian Quan, thus Yan Chang must tell his son the story of their forbidden past. After learning of his mother's imprisonment at the hands of his uncle, Chen Xiang sets out on a journey to rescue her. -- Lady Zhuge
  • Ep 42 RAW

    Flaming Brothers (1999)

    Flaming Brothers
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    Hong Kong
    Lai Siu Tin (Michael Tao) is the spoilt son of a very rich woman who is not his real mother. Ming Chi Git (Patrick Tam) is the son of Ming Sing (Deannie Yip), a poor, uneducated woman who came from China. Both of this men would never have known each other if not for the fact that they both share the same mother and father. Set in modern HK, it is a tale of rivalry, jealousy, bitter hatred of two brothers and their mother who is caught between her love for two sons.
  • Ep 18 RAW

    Tard Rak (2011) (0)

    Tard Rak (2011)
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    Princess Aeyawadee (Cherry) of Chiang Noi left to Siam in search for her brother to return to save the country from their uncle. Princess left with her skillful bodyguard, Aongdin (Por) and her personal humored maid, Tid. On this adventure, Princess was captured and sold to a brothel and became the most desirable girl there, known for her "fragrant body". This is also where she met her previously engaged fiancée, Prince Darb (Smart). Ward (Janie) is a slave girl who is very smart and ambitious. She secretly learned all the medicinal formula from her cruel master. After learning what Ward was doing, her master sold her to a brothel, where she met Princess and Aongdin. Her medicinal skill has become a key exit to their dilemma. Please follow the story and see how Princess and Ward pursue their goals and whether Prince Darb and Aongdin be able to be with the women they love.