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  • Ep 10 SUB

    Heart Signal 2 (Chinese) (0)

    Heart Signal 2 (Chinese)
    Manhua, Romance
    Victoria Song , Yang Chaoyue, Zheng Kai, and Rainie Yang meet their new housemates in a variety show that’s sure to get intense! Brought together at “Signal House”, eight strangers are forced to live together while panelists with various experiences in dating and love look on from afar. Commenting on the developments in the house and always on the lookout for potential love, these panelists are always watching and they’re not going to miss a thing! Anything can happen in this 2019 variety show produced by Tencent.
  • Ep 1 RAW

    Hotel Copain (Hoteru Kopan) (2016)

    Hotel Copain (Hoteru Kopan)
    Drama, Harem, Manhua

    Set in a hotel in Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture.

    Yusuke (Hayato Ichihara) was a middle school teacher. but he quit his job due to problems with student bullying. After he quit, Yusuke learned that the bullied student committed suicide. Yusuke is now at Hotel Kopan to escape from everything. He keeps to himself and works as an employee at the hotel. The owner of the hotel is Sakuragi who wishes the hotel could return to its glory days during the Nagano Olympics. One day, a flurry of guests arrive at the hotel which makes Sakuragi ecstatic. Sakuragi decides to hold a party and invite the guests at his hotel. One of the guests is the mother of the student who committed suicide. Yusuke is distressed all over again. When the party begins, the guests talk about the problems they have.

  • Ep 3 SUB

    Grey Rainbow (2016)

    Grey Rainbow
    Drama, Manhua, Romance
    Grey Rainbow tells the love of Nuer and Porsche. Nuer is the son of the owner of an elephant camp while Porsche is a law student. In university, they were dormitory roommates and close friends, each fighting against the feelings that one has for the other.