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  • Ep 39 SUB

    First Sword of Wudang (2021) (2021)

    First Sword of Wudang (2021)
    Action, Historical, Martial Arts, Romance, Swordsman, Wuxia

    During the late Ming dynasty, a time when the nation faced enemies externally and within, the young hero Geng Yu Jing discovered that his birth parents' death was due to a conspiracy which snared the martial world. As he embarked on a journey of self-discovery traveling back to his birthplace at Northeast frontiers of China, he uncovered dark secrets of the past, found warm friendship and romance but also sorrow and enmity. These adventures eventually shaped him to became the legend known as the 'First Sword of Wudang'.

    Credited as the pioneer of modern Wuxia in the 20th century, Liang Yu Sheng wrote Wudang YiJian (First Sword of Wudang) as his final work before retirement. For 35 years, his last masterpiece has never been adapted to screen, until now...

  • Ep 20 RAW

    The Romantic Swordsman (1995) (1995)

    The Romantic Swordsman (1995)
    Adventure, Martial Arts, Romance, Swordsman, Wuxia
    Hong Kong
    Adapted from the novel "Duoqing Jianke Wuqing Jian" of the Xiaoli Feidao Series written by Gu Long.
  • Ep 1 SUB

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) (2000)

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)
    Action, Adventure, Betrayal, Drama, Historical, Martial Arts, Revenge, Romance, Swordsman, Wuxia
    Set in the Qing Dynasty during the 43rd year (1779) of the reign of the Qianlong Emperor, martial arts master Li Mu Bai is about to retire and enter a life of meditation, though he quietly longs to avenge the death of his master, who was killed by Jade Fox. He gives his sword, a fabled 400-year-old weapon known as Green Destiny, to his friend, fellow martial arts wizard and secret love Yu Shu Lien, so that she may deliver it to Sir Te. Upon arrival in Peking, Yu happens upon Jen, a vivacious, willful politician's daughter. That night, a mysterious masked thief swipes Green Destiny, with Yu in hot pursuit -- resulting in the first of several martial arts action set pieces during the film. Li arrives in Beijing and eventually discovers that Jen is not only the masked thief but is also in cahoots with the evil Jade. In spite of this, Li sees great talent in Jen as a fighter and offers to school her in the finer points of martial arts and selflessness, an offer that Jen promptly rebukes.