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Coffee Ikaga Deshou (2021) (2021)

Other name: 珈琲いかがでしょう ; How About Some Coffee? , Coffee Ikagadesho , How About Coffee?
Genre: Drama
Country: Japanese
Release year: 2021
Status: Ongoing
Hajime Aoyama runs the mobile coffee shop Tako Coffee. Riding in his coffee truck, he goes from street to street. Along the way, he comforts those with wounded hearts and minds. Hajime Aoyama appears carefree, but he has a secret.
  • Ep 4 RAW

    Riko High!! (2021) (2021)

    Riko High!! (2021)
    Drama, Romance
    Kie is a full-time housewife who has lived a life like fresh water. However, one day, her husband's affair was suddenly discovered, and she left with a divorce notice and lost communication. Kie, who was shocked and angry, found the room of her husband's affair partner and boarded, but it was not the woman of the affair partner... but a young man, Kenta who was his boyfriend. It was discovered that Kenta was having an affair with her...
  • Ep 138 SUB

    More Charming by the Day (2010)

    More Charming by the Day
    Comedy, Family, Romance
    Song Ok Sook's husband walked out their family after his business went bankrupt. For the past 15 years she has raised her three daughters up to the best of her abilities. Her husband comes back into their lives and acts as if nothing's happened. To make matters worst, her eldest daughter, Ji Won, who is a doctor, tells her that she wants to marry Sung Soo, a man who she doesn't like.
  • Ep 2 SUB

    Drama Festa: Off the Course (2021) (2021)

    Drama Festa: Off the Course (2021)
    Comedy, Drama
    A comical road-chase drama where a mother and daughter chase the groom who ran away during their wedding day.
  • Ep 6 SUB

    Kingdom: Season 2 (2020)

    Kingdom: Season 2
    Action, Drama, Historical, Horror, Suspense, Thriller, Zombie
    In an attempt to save the people during a plague, the crown prince Lee Chang returns to the palace to find the source of the disease and uncovers other secrets and plots within the palace.
  • Ep 13 SUB

    The Gifted: Graduation (2020)

    The Gifted: Graduation
    Drama, Investigation, School, Supernatural, Thriller

    Two years have passed and the new school year begins again. With it comes the resurrection of the Gifted program, and a hidden threat from the Ministry led by Darin, a new teacher. Time, a promising new student and member of the newest gifted generation, seek change within the school while upholding its hierarchical structure.

    Filled with danger and more complications than it seems, what will the final battle be like? Who will be victorious? Will Pang and his companions be able to maintain their friendship and ideals? Can they defeat Director Supot?

  • Ep 14 SUB

    Call of the Country (2010) (2010)

    Call of the Country (2010)
    Comedy, Investigation, Rich Man, Romance
    Oh Ha Na is a lowly policewoman who lacks a sense of duty and believes that it is worth bending the rules in order to achieve your aims. She meets and begins to investigate Go Jin Hyuk, an elite intelligence agent, and they clash instantly based on their different morals. Their initial dislike of each other masks their romantic attraction, but this development is hindered by the existence of Choi Eun Seo, Jin Hyuk's first love.
  • Ep 2 RAW

    Ganbare! TEAM NACS (2021)

    Ganbare! TEAM NACS
    A super big project commemorating the 25th anniversary of the formation of TEAM NACS and the 30th anniversary of wowow's opening. It was filmed in Hokkaido, the birthplace of TEAM NACS.
  • Ep 11 SUB

    Orange Days (2004)

    Orange Days
    Friendship, Romance
    Kai Yuuki (Satoshi Tsumabuki) is in his senior year at university studying social welfare psychology. At present, he is in the middle of job-hunting season. He is finding it difficult with no job offers so far. One day, he meets a girl who is playing violin in the campus. She is Sae Hagio (Kou Shibasaki). In marked contrast to her beautiful tone and attractive looks, her personality is somewhat impertinent. And to top it off, she communicates through very vulgar sign language. Four years ago, she lost the most important thing for a violinist - her hearing. As a result Sae closed off her inner self from the outside world. Kai finds himself on a date with Sae, in place of his best friend. Unexpectedly, he comes into contact with Sae's private side. Love, job-hunting, friendship... Setting a campus in spring as a dorama's backdrop, it's the start of a glittering youth drama.