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School 2021 (2021) (2021)

Other name: 학교 2021 / Hakgyo 2020 / Hakgyo 2021 / School 2020 / Oh, My Men
Genre: melodrama, Romance, School, Youth
Country: Korean
Release year: 2021
Status: Ongoing
School 2021 is the story of students attending a specialized high school and seeking their ambitions, rather than going off to college. It will delve into how these students learn about love, friendship, true passions, and growing up in an intense environment. Gong Ki Joon is a hardworking student who assumes work and school simultaneously. He is a person who loses his dream 11-year dream of taekwondo due to injury and is unsure of knowing what to do. Jeong Young Joo is a transfer student with a hidden story and a past connection to Gong Ki Joon. Jin Ji Won, a confident high school girl with a solid dream, confidently communicates her opinion though she is in conflict with her mother about going to college. Kang Seo Young is a gifted student who is preparing, by herself, for college entrance exams. She is aiming to enter one of the top five universities in Korea. Lee Kang Hoon is a teacher who values a work-life balance. He gradually grows along with his students. Lee Jae Hee is the chairman of the board’s nephew, while Gu Mi Hee is the twin sister of Lee Jae Hyuk. She is a quiet person and strives to make many new changes. Lee Jae Hyuk is Lee Jae Hee's twin. Unlike Jae Hee, Jae Hyuk is the person who receives support from the foundation.
  • Ep 36 SUB

    To Be With You (2021) (2021)

    To Be With You (2021)
    Drama, Family, Friendship, life, Romance

    With the overall achievement of a well-off society in 2020 as the background, the theme is grand. But in storytelling, it is not from a grand perspective, but to explore the lives of ordinary people.

    There are 6 mini-stories:

    1. Fei Chang Xia Ri (非常夏日)

    2. Qing Chun Yong Zhu (青春永驻)

    3. Nian Qing You Wei (青年有为)

    4. Lai Wan Ya Xue Fen Si Tang (来碗鸭血粉丝汤)

    5. Nian Ye Fan (年夜饭)

    6. Xiang Wang (向往)

  • Ep 6 RAW

    Yake ni Ben no Tatsu Bengoshi ga Gakkou de Hoeru (2018)

    Yake ni Ben no Tatsu Bengoshi ga Gakkou de Hoeru
    Shotaro Taguchi is a newly recruited attorney. As part of a new "school lawyer system", he is sent a middle school. There he encounters an angry student’s guardian who came to complain about her daughter's corporal punishment. The guardian threatens...
  • Ep 24 SUB

    Love O'Clock (2021) (2021)

    Love O'Clock (2021)
    Cohabitation, Comedy, Fantasy, Novel, Romance, Web Series

    A sweet romance between editor Lu Yun Zhi who has a strict timeline for everything and the quirky He Zhen who is a serious procrastinator.

    Lu Yun Zhi is the star editor of a publishing house. He takes pride in his flawless working style and cares a great deal about maintaining his public image. While he tries to appear mature, he is just like a child who can feel happy over the smallest compliment and throw a chair in frustration at the smallest mistake. He Zhen is a girl with eccentric ideas. She's turned into a night owl from spending her time writing her novel. Her days and nights are a blur, her life chaotic yet she's the type who doesn't care about appearances. This is the story about the highly disciplined editor and the energetic writer.

    Adapted from the web novel "Love is an Open Door" (恋爱生物钟) by Su Yi Shan (苏一姗).

  • Ep 3 SUB

    Ma Boy (2012)

    Ma Boy
    Comedy, Romance, Youth
    The first high teen drama presented by Tooniverse. Geu Rim (Kim So Hyun) is a student at an arts high school who dreams of becoming a pop singer. At school She gets a new roommate, Irene (Sun Woong) who’s actually a boy. Irena’s persona is a pretty Female CF star and his actual name is Hyun Woo.
  • Ep 16 SUB

    Secret (2013) (2013)

    Secret (2013)
    Romance, melodrama
    Everyone has their own secrets. Secrets can help people succeed and even fall in love; but secrets can also destroy people. Secrets can sometimes make us happy, worried, or even blind us to reality. This drama is about secrets. It is an exploration into the trials and tribulations of people who live with secrets. These secrets drive the four characters desire to find love and exact revenge.
  • Ep 10 SUB

    Cheerdan (2018)

    Friendship, School, Sports
    Wakaba is a 2nd-grade high school student in Fukui Prefecture, Japan. When Saki was little, she admired the cheerleading club "JETS” from Fukui Chuo High School in Fukui Prefecture. She dreamed of joining the "JETS,” but she thought it was impossible for her to join and enrolled at another high school. One day, a transfer student from Tokyo talks to her and proposes cheer dance together. Together with their friends, they setout to become a top cheer team.
  • Ep 8 SUB

    Soldier aka God of War (2012)

    Soldier aka God of War
    Adventure, Drama, Historical, Military, War
    This drama is about a beggar rising to the top and overruling the feudalist government that had been in power for over 60 years. --HanCinema
  • Ep 20 SUB

    A Change Of Destiny (2007)

    A Change Of Destiny
    Action, Mystery
    Hong Kong
    A Change of Destiny (Traditional Chinese: ???) is a TVB costume drama series broadcast in April 2007.The series is about two young men having the same birthday but have both of them have a different life. Benny Chan is from a rich family while Steven Ma is poor and they both hope to change their destiny with tui bei tu.Yip Yeung (Benny Chan) is interested in knowing the future with the use of diagrams,"tui bei tu", passed on from the past. These diagrams have the ability to predict future events so that readers can find luck or escape tragedy. Yuen Hei (Steven Ma) tricks Yip Yeung into buying fake diagrams he had created, but is later confronted by Lee Sing-Tin (Yuen Wah).Lee Sing-Tin sees potential in Yip Yeung and Yuen Hei. He takes them in as his apprentice to teach them about his knowledge on these diagrams. Yip Yeung later discovers that he is a royal blood from the descendant of the last royal throne. He attempts to use his prediction skills to take over the King's throne but only foresees tragedy in every way he is planning to change destiny...Wind and Clouds Change Mountains and Rivers are Chaotic Secretly, the Heavens Control Destiny After all Chance has been Calculated Why not Return to the Way of the RighteousYip Yeung (Benny Chan Ho Man) is very interested in the "Back Pushing Diagrams", which according to folk legend can foretell the future and help people to find luck and avoid tragedy. Yuen Hei (Steven Ma Chun Wai) capitalizes on this opportunity and tries to make money from him with a fake set of diagrams, but he is discovered by Lee Sing Tin, who has changed his name to Wan Chung Hok (Yuen Wah).It turns out that he once presented the diagrams to the Emperor Zhao Kuangyin (Kwok Fung), helping him gain his throne. With a deep understanding in foretelling destinies, he accepts Yeung and Hei as his students and hopes to pass on his lifelong knowledge. Yeung later also becomes the student of another master Nam Fong Man (Lau Kong). Man uses Yeung in hopes of seizing back the imperial throne.Yeung finds out from Man that he is a descendant from the last dynasty's royal family. As a result, he uses his prediction skills in a pledge to turn back the Sung emperor and take back his own right to the throne; however, no matter how much he tries to calculate his destiny, he only meets with a tragic ending…