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Police University (2021) (2021)

Other name: 경찰수업 / 마이 리틀 폴리스 / 폴리스 아카데미 / Gyeongchalsooeob / Polliseu Akademi / Police Academy / My Little Police / The Police Course / Police Lesson / Police Lessons / Police Class
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Youth
Country: Korean
Release year: 2021
Status: Ongoing
Is about a detective who catches criminals with all his might and a former hacker who uses his intelligence to solve everything. The two meet at the Police University as a professor and student, and they cooperate to investigate a case together. Yoo Dong Man is a Police University professor who has 20 years of experience working in various divisions as a violent crimes detective and as a member of the cyber investigation team. Kang Sun Ho, a computer criminal who eventually becomes a first year student at the Police University. Oh Kang Hee, a first year student at the Police University who has no pretense, secrets, or grudges. She has a good head on her shoulders and is righteous to her core.
  • Ep 20 SUB

    TVB Every Step You Take (2015)

    TVB Every Step You Take
    Drama, life, Romance
    Hong Kong

    Due to an unfortunate accident, magazine photographer Song Tian Chong lost her ability to see. Despite her love for beauty and watching television dramas, Tian Chong was not deterred by her blindness. With the help of her boyfriend, To Zhen Hang, and her guide dog, Tian Chong maintains her optimism and finds strength from her new motto, ‘Love Conquers All’.

    While Tian Chong is slowly putting her life back together, her new neighbor and advertising guru Gam Yin Zhong is suffering from a midlife crisis. A former workaholic, Yin Zhong lost contact with all his friends and family. Unable to handle his behavior, even his mentee Yuen Yuen quits. Lost, and unable to cope with the loneliness, Yin Zhong decides to take a long vacation to find his way again.

    After breaking up with her boyfriend, Tian Chong crosses paths with Yin Zhong and finds comfort in her lonely neighbor. Although their personalities differ vastly from the beginning, Tian Chong and Yin Zhong slowly fall in love with each other and realize that they are not so different after all.

  • Ep 48 RAW

    A Hawthorn Tree Far Away (2020)

    A Hawthorn Tree Far Away
    Drama, life, Youth
    A story that follows Peng Tianyi who represents the common educated youth of the Northeast and his experiences living in the vast countryside. In the 1970s, a group of Beijing educated youths became friends. They fought bravely for reform amidst waves of historical tides. In order to protect the lifelong achievements of an old scientist, Peng Tianyi is sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. After he was acquitted, Peng Tianyi continued to take root in the countryside in order to promote reform until he eventually becomes a revered academic of his generation.
  • Ep 22 RAW

    Legend of the Demigods (2008)

    Legend of the Demigods
    Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Wuxia
    Hong Kong
    Gai Choi-Chi is no different from an ordinary girl, except that Lady Luck seems to smile upon her and keep her out of trouble all the time. She is thus nicknamed "Ho-Choi Mui" ("Lucky Girl"). However, she does not know that her stepmother, called Ho-Choi Ma, is actually a plant spirit. Choi-Chi helps some deities defeat an evil spirit once and her stepmother turns her into a demigod to save her life. As a child, Shek Kam-Dong was constantly bullied and looked down upon, but he still remains filial to his mother and shows great respect for the gods. Wong Tai Sin, a wish-granting god, takes pity on Shek and grants him superhuman strength. However, Shek starts to abuse his new power and uses it to bully others, becoming a local tyrant in town. An Hei has narcolepsy, as he is always tired and falls asleep at random timings. Wong Tai-Sin tries to help An Hei by presenting him a magical sword that is possessed by the spirit of a warrior. Whenever An Hei runs into trouble, the powerful spirit will possess him and help him defeat his enemies. One day, an evil wizard disturbs the quiet town and captures Ho-Choi Ma. Gai Choi-Chi, Shek Kam-Dong and An Hei joins hands to confront the wizard and defeat her to save Ho-Choi Ma. They travel across the continent on their heroic quest, encountering strange and mystical events along the journey.
  • Ep 16 SUB

    Misty (Korean Drama) (2018)

    Misty (Korean Drama)
    legal, Romance, Thriller
    This is a pre-produced drama. Filming began on 2017-October. An popular anchorwoman, Go Hye Ran (Kim Nam Joo) is suspected of murder. Her husband, Kang Tae Wook (Ji Jin Hee) who is a prosecutor-turned-public defender, decides to defend her. Through the process of fighting the murder charge, the couple grows closer again.
  • Ep 100 SUB

    My Man’s Secret (2017)

    My Man’s Secret
    Business, Drama, Family, melodrama, Romance
    Han Ji Sub, a man who’s never felt happy in his life, almost escapes his miserable life against all odds, thanks to his iron will and hard work. However, when his mother’s mistake makes all his attempts come to naught, he’s devastated. Still, he has love of Seo Ra, a warmhearted girl whose life goal is to help others. As their fate becomes intertwined with that of Hae Rim, who gained love at the expense of her sister, and of Jae Wook, whose greed knows no end, each person’s secrets and hidden desires come afloat.
  • Ep 6 SUB

    Virus Wai Love: Nakrob Chut Kao (2021) (2021)

    Virus Wai Love: Nakrob Chut Kao (2021)
    Comedy, Medical, Romance
    The story is about the romance between a female doctor and a young student during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Ep 49 SUB

    Special Rescue Police Winspector (2015)

    Special Rescue Police Winspector
  • Ep 8 SUB

    Bio Homme (2021) (2021)

    Bio Homme (2021)
    Drama, Web Series
    Talks about the healing period of agricultural horticulture therapy. Oh Won Ye a horticultural therapist called Leon meets Shin Bo Eun a regional officer who is diligent in duty to give him land.