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What a Wonderful Life (2017) (2017)

Other name: Sai Xiao Hua De Yuan Da Qian Cheng , The Small Flower Competition of a Broad Future , 赛小花的远大前程
Genre: Comedy, Drama, life, Romance
Country: Chinese
Release year: 2017
Status: Completed
After graduating from university, Sai Xiao Hua is determined to stay in Beijing. She finally finds a job, but after an emotional entanglement with her boss Qiao Ma, she gets fired again. She then decides to open a small supermarket selling organic vegetables, together with her former classmate You Liang.
  • Ep 67 RAW

    Diamond Lover (2015)

    Diamond Lover
    Comedy, Modern, Romance
    Xiao Liang (Bi) is the CEO of the world's biggest Diamond company. He's reserved, strict and counts every penny while doing business. He also chooses to close himself off from people, insisting relationships are of no worth in his life. Everything turns upside down when he meets Mi Dou (Tiffany Tang), a woman who changes his views in life and teaches him what it means to be alive and happy.
  • Ep 15 SUB

    Khun Noo Ruen Lek (2018)

    Khun Noo Ruen Lek
    Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
    Daya was studying abroad when her father died under obscure circumstances, so she hastily has to return home to Thailand. She tries to solve the mystery of her father's death with the help of Taywat, the son of the family's lawyer. They get closer to each other and their relationship eventually turns into love.
  • Ep 25 RAW

    Love on the Beach (2005)

    Love on the Beach
    Action, Adventure, Drama, Investigation
  • Ep 4 SUB

    Gou Gou The Cat (2014) (2014)

    Gou Gou The Cat (2014)
    Animals, Drama, Friendship

    Asako lives in Kichijōji, Tokyo. She works as a popular manga artist. Everyday, she is busy meeting deadlines, but suddenly her pet Saba dies. Since the death of her pet, Asako cannot draw or even eat. Her editor Omori recommends to Asako to try moving to a particular house. After she moves in, her life does not get better.

    One day, when Asako walks in Inokashira Park, she meets a homeless person carrying a sick kitten. Asako wants to help the sick cat. Without telling the homeless person, Asako takes the cat to the hospital.

  • Ep 16 SUB

    Goodbye My Love (1999) (1999)

    Goodbye My Love (1999)
    Min Su saved Gi Tae's life 13 years ago. In return, Gi Tae's wealthy father hired Min Su to keep Gi Tae out of trouble. Min Su is extremely loyal to Gi Tae, but Gi Tae is a spoiled playboy. Yeon Ju works in a cosmetic factory with Jung Ae. One night, Min Su and Gi Tae meet Yeon Ju and Jung Ae at a nightclub and they try to impress each other by telling lies, which they later regret.
  • Ep 13 RAW

    Sai Lub Jub Abb (2017) (2017)

    Sai Lub Jub Abb (2017)
    Comedy, Romance
    Do you ever wonder if your lover, son, nephew or competitor is gay? Worry no more, because with the right amount of money, you can hire a team of spies who will find the proof for you and avoid any confrontation. Nangfah knows all too well what it’s like to be tricked by a gay man, after all, she has dated them since grade school and was fooled in every relationship. The last one was the straw that broke the camel’s back; she discovered that her then boyfriend was having an affair with her male boss at a gay bar. After the altercation at the gay bar, Nangfah gets fired and blacklisted at all advertising agencies in the city. Desperate for work, she decides to call on an advertisement on Pantip seeking a spy to unravel potential gay people. Nangfah promptly creates her own company.
  • Ep 30 SUB

    Fitoor (2021)

    Family, Romance
    Other Asia
  • Ep 14 RAW

    Mook Liam Petch (0)

    Mook Liam Petch
    Action, Romance
    Petch is a perfect, confident, and flirtatious rising businessman owner of Star Diamond the largest diamond Company. Mookda is an international policewoman with special training in Aikido who disguises herself as a nonsensical, troublemaker secretary to investigate the stolen diamond Adorella. As crazy as Mook is, Petch cannot help falling in love with her.